How to Manage YunoHost from CommandLine?

Hello all,

is it possible to install updates, backups or applications on my Yunohost via command line? I assume it is, but I haven’t found any documents. Maybe I am blind :wink: Can someone give me some advice?


Yes it’s possible !

From commande line

sudo yunohost --help

should give you all the info you need !

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cf also : SSH and command line | Yunohost Documentation

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Oh, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

On my server i’ve got a webapp installation
Go to this directory

cd /var/www/my_webapp/

And I run this command to convert a man page to a pdf

man -t yunohost | ps2pdf - yunohost.pdf

If you want , you can download this pdf here
[](Yunohost Man Format PDF)

You can write a bash script and put a cron to have always a update file.



Wow, thank you! That looks very good :slight_smile:

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