How to install app access just on lan

How i can change conf of apps / ngnix, that way, they will by accessed just on my lan network

For example: install couchpotato that way it will by accessed just by 192.168.X.X:XXXX, and not by domain.tld

I found the redirect app, but i don’t know if it can help / how to conf properly

Unfortunately I don’t think that it’s easily doable without some heavy tinkering :confused:

If you are concerned about security, then making your app private, and possibly restricting access to a few users, should do the trick, as it will only be accessible for those users after logging in the SSO.

If you are concerned about speed, then accessing via the domain name or via the local IP shouldnt make any difference since your internet box IP should directly correspond to the domain name, hence paquets never actually leave your local network.

Are you concerned about something else ?

i concerned especially about security.
i am sure that this can be done by conf nginx differently

If you change the nginx configuration of an app, the next upgrade could ask you to reapply change… That’s why the sso solution (ssowat works as a plugin to nginx) is more useful

Here is what you asked for, you need to add it inside ‘location’ in the app nginx conf located in /etc/nginx/conf.d/DOMAIN.d/APP.conf:

    deny all;

Thank you!

it did deny any income from domain.tld, but i cant connect from 192.168.X.X even with port 5050.
it always redirect to yunohost admin, probably because /etc/nginx/conf.d/yunohost_admin.conf