How to increase number of allowed mail addresses (aliases)?

Hi - Bonjour!

YunoNost currently limits the aliases we can create to 10 (see screenshot image).

How can I change or remove this limit of 10 mail addresses (aliases)?

  • I don’t want to use ‘catch’all’ email addresses - we’ve had spam issues with ‘catch-all’ in the past.

Example Screenshot

I’ve just tried to add an eleventh email adress.
I can’t see it, but I had no error.

If I try to write to this new alias, it works.
So, the limit seems to be only on the display, on this page, not a real limit.

It works on the moulinette (cli) and admin side.
Try adding more mail alias with
yunohost user update USER --add-mailalias 'ALIAS@DOMAIN.COM',
then you’ll see your aliases with
yunohost user info USER

But on the SSO side, there’s a limit to 10, see
We need to fix that. (cc @kload)

I’ve package the application called “Email poubelle”, literraly “throwable email addresses” which allows you to make redirections to your real email address. For example, you could add an alias which points to or on another domain. And redirections can be easily removed.
The application is not official supported, so install it at your own risks. For now, the feedback it had say there are no problem installing and using it. But it is not compatible with the yunohost alias system.
To install,
I am sorry but all the interface is in french. I’ll try to translate it when I’ll have some time available.

This is very interesting application and very appropriate to stop spam mails. Wish it will be in english too.

I’m glad to announce that I translated EmailPoubelle to English. I’m sure it can be improved. To do so, send me feedbacks here.

Thank you for translating @matlink, it’s very usable for English users now. I am still testing it.

The opi’s pull request has been merged:

It will require some tests, then it will be integrated in the stable package