How to expand storage

Hi all,

I would like to ask for help clearing my understanding how to handle harddrives.

I switched from omv to yunohost and so my setup is a small SSD an two drives I used in a RAID

When I switched to yunohost I started with the SSD. Now I’m running out of space.
So I would like to add my to other harddrives. I found Adding external storage but it says discs are mounted under media.

So I would like to ask - is there any possibility to mount them to another folder - so the Appdata can be saved automatically to the extended harddrive (similar to OMV?)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Je n’ai jamais fait, mais il me semble que tu peux le monter comme tu veux et où tu veux !

I realized this is the wrong question: Where do I need to mount my second (and later third) hard drive so it expends the storage for all applications (and probably not spin all day)
any idea?

Je pense que tu souhaites une méthode comme celles ci-dessous.
En revanche, je pense qu’il faut être très prudent, d’autant que Yunohost écrit dans /etc, /var, et cœtera
Attendre, peut-être, un avis plus avisé ?

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I think you want a method like the ones below.
On the other hand, I think we have to be very careful, especially since Yunohost writes in /etc, /var, and so on
Wait, perhaps, for a more informed opinion?

Thanks for the quick answer! Any other ideas?

Lvm, linux volume manager, so you could add partitions or different devices like it where just one. Is not very straightforward, but with patience and a couple of search in searx/google/duckduckgo you’ll find a tutorial step by step easily.

Many thanks. So the way to go would be:

  1. Create a LVM on my second harddrive (as supposed by @bjarkan)
  2. Move the /home register to the LVM (as mentioned by @anonyme18)

Later on as the needed space grow I can easily add a new (third) harddrive to the LVM and than have additional space in my /home folder

So I would like to be encouraged to move the data from /home because there is the need for storage as the server grows?

Thanks anyway for the very quick response!

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