How to exclude files from a backup?

I installed YunoHost a few days ago and so far I’m impressed how well everything works and how easy it is to install and use the apps.

Now I wanted to backup everything except the videos recorded by TVHeadend but couldn’t find a way to do it with the backup system of YunoHost.

Unfortunately when I just backup everything those videos are even included twice in the backup (once as user data and once in the TVHeadend backup).

How can I exclude these videos (in /home/hts/*.ts) from the backup?

In theory, you should do it by cli with:

BACKUP_CORE_ONLY=1 yunohost backup create --apps tvheadend

But there is an issue on the backup script of tvheadend, and this features is not enabled for this app.

--is_big option is missing, but it seems /home/hts/ mix config data and video data. (I don’t know very well tvheadend)

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Thank you for the detailed answer about Tvheadend.

Since the “official” way to exclude data with the --is_big option is missing for Tvheadend, I tried something else and it seems to work well:

  • I created a new directory /home/hts-videos with the same group and owner as /home/hts,
  • removed the videos from home/hts,
  • adjusted the Tvheadend configuration so that recordings are saved in the new folder from now on,
  • and added an empty file .nobackup to the new folder to exclude it from the backup

This way even full backups via the GUI don’t include the videos anymore.

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