How to edit the login page to add a link?

I would like to edit the login page sso to add a link trough the subdomain www.mysite to permit users looking for this url to get it…

You might want to use the redirect app to do this

I don’t understand how to configure it… But I’m trying so

It’s not really what I’m looking for… I would like to redirect the page sso of yunohost as If someone type mydomain.tld it will redirect to the subdomain www.mydomain.tld where a wordpress is installed. But I need also to have a way to get the sso p

Hi, I found how to resolve my wishes like that. I have edited the template of the portal of yunohost

$ sudo nano /usr/share/ssowat/portal/login.html
where I add this lines at the beginning
<div class="container"> <h2 style="text-align: center; background-color: #fff"><a href="https://www.mydomain.tld">Cliquez-moi pour visiter le site Rodinux !</a></h2> </div>

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Be aware that this risk to be overwritten by an update of the ssowat package.

Yes, but it is quiet easy to edit once again after an sso update if necessary…

Or a solution should be to write this template on an other file and to call it in the view ??