How to edit an app after it has been installed?

I installed a searx instance using yunohost and would like to customize the html\css. Also, would it be possible for me to manually update it to the latest release? Yunohost has version 0.9.0 while 0.11.0 is already released

I don’t know how this app works, but I guess all the html/css is located (as other apps) in /var/www/searx/somewhere. You can edit it right there.
But if you have the time and skills, don’t hesitate to update the package itself :wink:

how could I update the searx package so it uses 0.10.0 or 0.11.0?

I have no clue, I don’t know the package.
But in a simple scenario, you just need to update the source files or something like that (if there is not a special install process, and so on).

Does the maintainer is on this forum ? (maybe update the title of your topic ?)

Oh sorry, my bad, searx is an official app and I forgot to update the list !
The package is already upgraded to 0.11

I gonna update that :wink:

awesome! will it update on its own on my server?

You’ll shall do it by yourself, but like every other official app. So, you can do it by the admin panel.
Just, in fact, I’ve already do the upgrade, but my request has to wait for more validations before becoming official.

I hope that will be quickly

awesome, thanks! Also, I’ve noticed adding searx as the default app doesn’t do anything. It works with the other apps i’ve tried though

Oh it’s quite strange, because that’s not depend of each app.
If that work with an app, that should works with all of them !

is there a way I can ensure that it works from within the server?

You can check the file /etc/ssowat/conf.json.persistent, it should contains an entry with redirected_urls keyword for the app which put by default.

ah, yes. thanks this worked.