How to do conditional arguments / empty default

My use case: Mastodon supports installing using one domain for the domain and a second for identities so users can use mastodon on and their identity will be but their profile will be

What I’m trying to do: add an argument of type domain to the manifest with a default empty value, so unless the user provides a specific domain the installation domain will be used, but the type domain (select) doesn’t support an empty value, and with a string type 1. I can’t guarantee setting .well-known redirects from the identity domain to the install domain; and 2. there are more chances of mistakes as opposed to simply using a domain from the list

Hmmm, even if optional = true ? (I dont know, that option ain’t used often)

Thanks, but it doesn’t seem to behave that way on a select, I tried with and w/o default = "", I didn’t check the code but I assume it is because this field was never meant to be used for anything but the installation domain

I will need to check with the app developers, and we can either keep the select option and have the users need to duplicate their selection in most common cases, or have simple text field and have the advanced users manage the implementation of the setup (or add a field to allow the installation assume the domain is locally managed and install the redirects on the other domain)