How to connect Minio Server with Client (Cyberduck etc.)

Hello Dear All,

My Server version is YunoHost (stable)
Hardware: VPS on a server.
Yuno host Version : YunoHost (stable)
I have access to my Server through ESXI

I have installed MinIO Server on my VPS, Veeam connects to my bucket without any problem when I write bucket name.
However, I am unable to connect through a client such as Cyberduck etc.
When I try write Minio access URL (Mini Client on my server) Cyberduck says "S3 API Requests must be made to API port. "

I have tried to write bucket name as subdomain or at end of url as /bucketname but also did not work.
Is there someone has experience with 3rd party clients that connects to Minio Server?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not using cyberduck, I’m using it with joplin, may be it’s different app category but I think other apps use the same way to connect to s3.
I have installed minio, created a bucket than defined a user for that bucked and created acces key and secret key for it. Then I input the domain of minio as endpoint, the bucket name, the region, the access key and the secret key. It works also for nextcloud

Hello Dear Jarod,

Thank you for helping. I was forgetting to put bucket name. Also next cloud just needed change settings.
Thank you.