How to connect from Yunohost app


I am the last yunohost version with aeneria installed. I have 2 users allowed to login. For both, I have this message :slight_smile:
L’utilisateur n’a pas été trouvé ou le mot de passe n’est pas bon.

The user exists and the password is correct.


To be able to help people that will find this topic in a few weeks : please, use the template !
« last yunohost version » is not a version number.
Æneria might get an upgrade tomorrow, so nobody will be able to help you without the app version.

In what screen do you have this message ? In YunoHost SSO or in Æneria interface ?
Are those users able to use other apps ?
Are the rights for those users set ? (from what I remember, only the admin have an access by default)

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