How to Change username via command line

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version: 3.6.5
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version: 3.6.4

I’ve one user with active mail box and I’m encourtering problem with outlook client which only provide semi-manual account configuration. That’s to say that i cannot choose username in outlook account config.

In my case audrey is username in YNH and is email username. Outlook automaticaly define username as email username. That’s the problem.

Maybe there is a way to change username via command line but I don’t want to do any bullshit while this email is active.

I found this but it seem that YNH not provide commands to change the username :

~# yunohost user update
usage: yunohost user update username
                            [-h] [-f FIRSTNAME] [-l LASTNAME] [-m MAIL]
                            [-p PASSWORD]
                            [--add-mailforward [MAIL [MAIL ...]]]
                            [--remove-mailforward [MAIL [MAIL ...]]]
                            [--add-mailalias [MAIL [MAIL ...]]]
                            [--remove-mailalias [MAIL [MAIL ...]]]
                            [-q {SIZE|0}]
yunohost user update: error: too few arguments

Users created in YunoHost are actually system users. Those cannot change, by design.

This is completely Microsoft’s bad interface designing choices that are at fault here. I have however just managed to add my YNH email into Outlook, thanks to this SuperUser question.

Here, leave the password field empty and tap Enter. You will be shown a old-school-style window, where you can specify both username and password:

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Greatt :slight_smile: many thanks for this tip

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