How to bypass NAT


I set a domain but I’m behind a NAT. When I ping the domain it shows the ISP ip, if I do nslookup it shows DNS from opendns, same as ISP . Behind the ISP I have an nanostationloco and 2 routers wich I control. Everywhere is open 80 port except on ISP ip. I succesfully expose other servers thorough pagekite,ngrok and tor. How I can expose my Yunohost server and wich is the best option?

nslookup to from outside the network shows google dns.

Thanks in advance!

Did you try with port 443 open?
List of used ports by YunoHost.

Hi Moul,

Doing traceroute I have 6 hops, 5 wich I not control, until reach public IP.

I saw there is an VPN client for Yunohost:

That aims to “Useful for hosting your server behind a filtered (and/or non-neutral) internet access.” I succesfully installed it but I cannot see the configuration page. Maybe because it depends on Yunohost-Moulinette >= 2.4.0 (firewalling)
And the latest moulinette release I found is

As I said I successfully exposed other servers on this network using ngrok, pagekite and tor. But for Yunohost I need something more reliable. I guess trough VPN I could achieve this.

Witch is the way to reach my Yunohost server from outside?

Behind a NAT, you need to do some portforwarding. Reading your answer I see you have some knowledge in network administration so I think you know what to do. :slight_smile:

You can try with installing an SSH server on yunohost on the port you want (666 for sample), do the portforwarding/route on your router and try to reach yunohost via SSH. After, you can try to reach your server via 443 port.

You can also try to configure a VPN server on yunohost via Openvpn.

I’m testing 2 servers one on a netbook runs great. I installed Tor on it before post-installation of Yunohost and gave it the .onion adress. I can reach it from outside the NAT. But just SSOwat not the admin.

On the other server installed on a VM I tried Openvpn from Yunohost apps but when I connect my client, the SSOwat page is not loading under domain. Even added rules on /etc/hosts
On that server I’m successfully using after easy configuration I can reach admin Yunohost from that VPN ip I’ve got but not SSOwat . Is there a way to reach SSOwat from VPN ip? As I see on their github page it just supports domain name.