How to add custom DNS records to autodns function?


we’re using the autodns feature with Cloudflare.
When autodns overwrites DNS records at Cloudflare it would delete any custom DNS records.
Where can I add custom DNS records in Yunohost to have it synchronized with Cloudflare?

Thanx for any hint!

You can actually define a custom hook as discussed in Share your "hooks" to apply custom configurations- Partagez vos "hooks" pour appliquer des configurations personnelles, but instead of conf_regen, use custom_dns_rules

The custom hook will receive the domain as $1 arg

It’s actually not used in the wild I think … so I’m unsure exactly what’s the behavior but I think it should somehow “return” a json with the record. Something like :

echo '[' >> $YNH_STDRETURN
echo "{'type': 'SRV', 'name': 'stuff.$domain.', 'value': 'yoloswag', 'ttl': 3600}" >> $YNH_STDRETURN
echo ']' >> $YNH_STDRETURN

(dumping json using bash is actually not easy, though easier using json maybe)

(Corresponding piece of code : )

Then you can check the output with yunohost domain dns suggest foobar.tld