How much can a Lenovo Thinkcentre Tiny i3 take?


I am very, very happy with my Yunohost setup. I have Nextcloud running beautifully and, for a month, I’ve been hosting my blog on it. A few weeks ago, I set up Calibre Web, then got daring and cloned my storage onto a new 4tb ssd and put Navidrome onto it. Today, I installed Collabora. It’s all very exciting.

My server hardware is a Lenovo Thinkcentre Tiny with an 13 3220, with 8 gig of RAM. So far, it’s done everything I’ve asked of it - it even streams FLAC files beautifully. However, there must be a limit. Do you think I could run a Jitsi server, a Matrix server or a Jellyfin server, streaming video in 1080, for instance?

Any thoughts or discussion would be very welcome.

Thanks, as always, to the developers and contributors.

I’m so happy with what I’ve got that I don’t want to experiment further. Is there any guide to

No better way than to try :wink: I run ‘main’ 3-user instance on some ancient Atom and it performs OK, none of the apps you describe are particularly CPU-hungry.

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I have a celeron N3060 (2 cores, 1,60 GHz), 8G of ram, and it can handle :

  • NextCloud (heavyest app, with something like 500Go of data, and MANY apps inside)
  • Synapse + Element (can be heavy if on huge rooms)
  • Jellyfin
  • Transmission
  • Vaultwarden
  • freshrss
  • kresus
  • æneria
  • minetest
  • many other things

BUT the real answer is to try, even if we have many apps in common, my usage of them is different of yours :smiley:


i think you will have to disable (or not enable?) the Jellyfin transcoding option, but else, it would run very well


Wow! Thank you, @Mamie

That’s good to know. I’ll give it a try soon.

Good to know. I’ll have to decide what order to try them. Thank you for replying.

Have you done anything special to secure your Synapse server? There are dire warnings on the Element install page about running the two on the same box.

The warning is not about not running them on the same server, but not running them on the same domain.

On my side :
synapse.myserver.tld : Synapse
element.myserver.tld : Element
myserver.tld : some DNS fun so I can use @mamie:myserver.tld as my user ID


Top tip!

I’m saving that one.