How do you use Sieve filters with Thunderbird?


I’m trying to configure and use the Sieve filters with Thunderbird.

It works using Roundcube (I added some filters, that are active and working on incoming messages). Unfortunately, Roundcube doesn’t seem to be able to apply those filters on existing messages.

For that purpose, I am therefore trying to use Thunderbird, which offers this functionality.

Using Thunderbird, I added the “Sieve 0.2.2” plugin, and opened TCP port 4190 on my server’s firewall. It doesn’t seem to work. I think it doesn’t even connect to the server.

There doesn’t seem to even be any entries regarding Sieve or ManageSieve protocols in the Dovecot logs.

How could I find a solution to my problem?


I use the nightly build (sieve-0.2.3h.xpi as of today) of the plugin and it works well:

It works very well for me with this nightly build, thanks!