How do I add an extra volume to my VPS to enable upgrades of mastodon after space issues?

VPS bought online, running

I want to upgrade mastodon, but have space problems on my VPS, making it impossible for mastodon to create backups. I I want to add an extra volume of 10 GB to my VPS to fix this, but what can I put there, to free enough space for the update? And how do I do it?

I have tried following: Adding an external storage to your server | Yunohost Documentation but got into a lot of problems with moving to the external drive, since there wasn’t enough space on there.

What (and how) should I move to the 10GB Volume to enable the Mastodon upgrade on my VPS?

not sure who you VPS with, but you might need to change your VPS plan to a high plan and it should auto convert the hard drive size for you to the next larger disk space.

or you can try to backup small apps on yunohost ONE at a time, going to new back up, under system select non, under apps select non, then select ONLY the 1 app to backup, if it works download it, then delete it once download, then go to app uninstall that app, then do this with the other apps till you have enough space, then try to upgrade, once upgrade is done, and mastodon works, delete the backup file of mastodon then restore the apps.

does your VPS supplier allow it to increase the disk space of your VPS and / or does it allow you to add a new disc ?

If yes, add and then you can follow the link.
If not:

  • migrate to a vps with more disk space
  • or