How deep goes the default domain change?


I have been been using YunoHost for a week now, and it works great, but I’ve been setting it up on my domain B, instead of my primary domain A. I will now, after having used it, like to shift to domain A. However, if I use the change-default-domain-button in the administration panel, how deep will the domain change go? Let me elaborate on that.

If I change the default domain, will, for example, the RoundCube identities for the admin change to posmaster@[domain A].com instead of postmaster@[domain B].com?
Will the default email for the admin in NextCloud change to admin@[domain B].com instead of [domain A].com?

In other words, will this function replace domain B totally with domain A in all aspects of YunoHost?

Looking forward to hearing your answer.

This is indeed a very good question. How well the Yunohost handles the domains is very important. I have issue where I want to migrate a domain from one Yunohost server to other Yunohost server. The problem is how to migrate the users for only domain [A] when the Yunohost server has many domains[ B,C,D …N] with many users registered to different domains? Migrating with hooks will migrate all the domains and the all the users. This will require to make changes by hand which will take lot of time if there area many domains and users.

Have anyone received an answer to the above described situation ?

I have changed the main domain of my Yunohost server from to and I am wondering how I can change the main Email address of the user of my yuno sever.

Indeed after this change, the login to Yunohost server (SSO) changed from to, this is fine.
But the email address of the user stay when I would like then to be now

Can I change now the email address of the users to match with the main domain of my yunohost server ?

This is indeed a tricky question… Let me try to answer these as best as I can :

Apparently there is a --mail option to yunohost user update, which should allow you to change the email address of a user though I never used this yet. So something like :

yunohost user update alice --mail alice@new.domain.tld

should do the tricky

Alternatively, you might want to add / remove aliases associated with each of your users. For instance, the first user that got created usually automatically get aliases to root@, admin@, postmaster@ and webmaster@ if i remember correctly. Depending on what you want to achieve, you might want to keep those or remove them and replace them with root@ corresponding to your new domain. (Hope this is not too confusing :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Thanks @Aleks for your advices.
Your suggestion works very well. I also made some cleaning of all email address of the first user.

In the mean times, I noticed that we can now change the email address from the web interface too, option that was not available some months ago. I guess this was a change brought by new version of Yunohost.

Thanks to all Yuno devs !!