How could I reach my server using IPv6?

I’d like to reach my server using IPv6. For that I need to know the IPv6 of my server. How could I get it? Then I could put it on my DNS zone.



on ssh, just type “ifconfig” and get the IPv6 address of your network card (not the lo which is the loopback one) on the line begining with adr inet6, the public ones are the ones which don’t begin with fe80. Or via the admin panel of Yunohost, you can check it in the server state page

Thanks @matlink,

There is aslo the command “ip a” witch can give IPv6 address.

But I’ve notice IPv6 doesn’t works my Cubieboard.

Apaprently the IPv6 module is not enabled. You should search on the web how to activate ipv6 module on Debian.