How can I redirect mydomain.tld to www.mydomain.tld?

Hi All,

I’ve installed YunoHost on a dedicated server and everything is working fine.

The current URL to access to the administration of YunoHost is https://mydomain.tld/yunohost/admin/#/login

I would like to get the following one, with www. : https://www.mydomain.tld/yunohost/admin/#/login

Since two days I try to find a solution but without success…So thank you by advance for your help ! :slight_smile:

not sure if it is the best solution, but it shall work.
add your www domain to domain list in interface

and then you can make it work as “default” adress for your yunohost (in domain www interface).

Thanks yurone for your assistance. I tried this solution but unfortunately it didn’t work… :cry: