How can i put my YunoHostApp on Yunohost marketplace?

Hi world

I would like to know how I can put my Yunohost application on the Yunohost marketplace?

It needs to be in a github repository under the Yunohost-Apps organisation: YunoHost-Apps · GitHub
And then listed in the app catalog, which is based on that file : (you must submit a pull request to include it).

Where is the code right now ? For which app ? :slight_smile:

All right. I have the application locally, I’m finishing its development, I just wanted to find out how to put it on the Marketplace.


Then you need to create the repository yourapp_ynh under YunoHost-Apps · GitHub. I can do it for you if you give me the name. And then you put the code here and the reference in the catalog.

Note: actually you don’t need to create the repo there, you could create one on your side, and transfer ownership afterwards. But it’s a lot more troublesome ^^

Thank you for your assistance and no worries I’ll handle the repository creation and setup myself :slight_smile:

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Great !
Thanks for the new package ! :slight_smile:

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(For completeness : it’s documented in Publishing your app on the catalog | Yunohost Documentation and GitHub - YunoHost/apps: YunoHost apps catalog )


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