How can I get colibris?

I desperately want the new (soon to be default?) colibris theme for the etherpad mypads app. How do I even edit the script?

The Yunohost etherpad app is currently 1.7.5

Looks like the colibris theme (which is very nice, that’s true) will be shipped by default with version 1.8, currently beta version. But looks like it’s already used by Framapad.

As a consequence, the easiest way is to… wait until @Maniack_Crudelis or other contributors updates the yunohost app to 1.8. You can follow up the above linked thread, he may release a 1.8 testing branch sooner than the stable release.

I’m not sure why the 1.8 is not yet provided for Yunohost by the contributors :

  1. Could be because 1.8 is still a beta so they will wait until it’s a stable release
  2. Could be lack of contributors time
  3. Could be because 1.8 version requires dependancies that are too high for the current Debian version on which Yunohost is developped. In that case we are bound to wait until Yunohost supports the next version of Debian. This is why we are all currently stuck on Nextcloud 15.x, while Nextcloud is already shipping 17.x currently.

If you are really in a hurry, and that the problem is 1 or 2, then you can help here
If the problem is 3, then no other choice to wait (or contribute to Yunohost core)

Thank you, I actually found a theme based on it on git lab (outilslibres) and cloned it from there. My etherpad is now looking nice and sleek. :slight_smile:

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