How can I add an "Impressum" (imprint) on the start page?

Hello all!
I am happy to behere and proud to use YunoHost for my server. :slight_smile:

In Germany we have the “DSGVO” (Datenschutz Grundverordnung = General Data Protection Regulation).
This states that a homepage needs an imprint. Actually, this does not apply to purely private pages, provided that no sales are generated from them. But it can happen that you “accidentally” receive a warning from a lawyer if there is no imprint. And then you have a lot of trouble and it can also be expensive.

I realy would like to know how to add Pages for

  • imprint
  • contact
  • privacy policy

I hope I expressed myself in a friendly and understandable way, because I had to use the Google translator for this text. I apologize if anything is unclear or poorly worded.

Best regards

Hi Thomas,
did you find a solution for this ?