Hosting Suggestions, Please

I am looking for a hosting provider and would like to know if anyone has any great suggestions. So far I’ve been self-hosting on a device in my home, but I’d like to pay for a cloud service so I don’t have to guarantee uptime, get help with SSLs, and not have a constantly changing IP address forcing me to update DNS records, etc.

I really like using the webadmin but I’m addicted to SSH/bash. I want to be able to customize and install my own apps outside of Yunohost as well, using custom directories or sub-domains as needed. I already have a registrar in mind but am open to suggestions.

I’m not planning to need much; the most resource intensive things I’ll run are a Matrix server and Nextcloud. I don’t think I’ll have a ton of traffic but I don’t want to be too constrained, either.

Everything I look at comes with cPanel and Softaculous or some other nonsense, and a distro I can’t identify, with a ton of bloat I’ll never use. I really want to find something with Debian so I can just put Yunohost on it, add my own stuff, manage it via webadmin and shell, and get good email functionality.

If anyone knows of any great providers, please let me know. I’d prefer something with little-to-no KYC and pay with Crypto, but will go standard if it’s the right plan. I don’t really care where it’s hosted (I anticipate most of my traffic will come from the US) as it barely matters, but preferably a privacy friendly country.

Thank you for your suggestions.

I like They have Debian 11, they’re in Canada, and pricing is ok. Note they block port 25 by default, but will open it if you file a support ticket. For buying domains I like Good service and yunohost supports there API.

I use now

You might find better deals on