Host static webpage on main login domain


my yunohost installation is running very fine. with some additional docker images and redirect package and static web side on sub domain tried. no problem at all.

i need some help – my goal is to host a static web side on the main yunohost / login domain.

all apps are in domain/apps/…
yunohost login is at domain/yunohost/sso/

  1. i want to change yunohost login to domain/app/yunohost/sso/
    but i need to change sowat package?

  2. i want to host my static web page at domain/ except domain/app/

i could configure nginx and ssowat to go to login page only, if i select doamain path domain/app/sso/

if i not select path /domain/app i will have my static webside e.g. hugo generated.

i stuck on configuring the yunohost login path.
i need some help for nginx configuration.

i am posting this, cause it could be interesting for others too?


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Could you elaborate on what you have accomplished and how? I’m currently testing Yunohost a bit, to see if it is fit for my needs.

I also want to host some static html on a bare domain, and I’d like to do that in a non-intrusive fashion, tweaking Yunohost as little as possible.

I tried the the Custom webapp application, but it likes to host things on domain.example/site/path, and then (http-) redirect domain.example to that. So the URL in the browser is https://domain.example/site. I prefer https://domain.example as the root URL of my site.

But perhaps customizing the Custom webapp could be the way forward, instead of tweaking Yunohosts base nginx configs.

Have anybody done this?

This could be a solution:

On the webadmin:

Applications -> Your installed app -> Make default

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Is there a possibility, while setting up a custom web app as default entry point, not to redirect the whole URL with subfolders of the app? Instead of making a Custom Web App with subdirectory /blog for example redirecting to the default entrance of the web-domain, which would direct everybody who is visiting my page redirect to /blog, I would like to have a custom web app with my url without subfolders as my main URL after redirecting with the Redirection plugin. Is that possible?

With other words:
I would like to redirect everybody who is visiting my domain to my custom web app. And the domain should remain my main domain without any subfolders and stuff.

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Is there a way to do this without the unprofessional re-direct? So shows the site’s static landing page, rather than being directed to

The current design of YunoHost allows you to install:

  • a Custom web app my_webapp at the root of the domain, preventing any other app to be installed on the same domain (subdomains are obviously possible)
  • one or multiple my_webapps on subpaths of the domain, and to use the Make default option to create the seamless redirection (btw, what do you mean by unprofessional?) between the root and a subpath.

There is seemingly no other option, other than hacking into the NGINX configuration manually and potentially breaking YunoHost (here be dragons, etc.)

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he wouldn’t be able to do that through a WordPress installation. I’m trying to clone a WP myself so that you arrive at several between sites let’s say subdomains. Isn’t that the easiest way for him? Or do I understand something wrong here. Because I myself am also still looking for a solution to my system
ich weiß nicht, was du installieren willst, doch ich habe das anders geregelt, wenn ich diesem Thema richtigen folgen kann. Was ich festgestellt habe, dass Yunohost vom Panel und der DNS Einstellungen ziemlich ungenau wird. Hier bei mir zu sehen, obwohl ich alle Werte hinterlegt habe

Was mich wieder mehr begeistern würde, wäre die zwischen Räume zu füllen und die Kunden mehr an Aufmerksamkeit zu den Projekten abzuverlangen. Das heißt, wo ich noch eine sub domin angelegt habe meine Haupt-Instanz, die ich mit einem WordPress Blog so angelegt habe, dass das ganze System eine Richtschnur wert hat.
da wiederum auch eine Menge an Informationen hinterlegt sind, würde ich die gerne, sagen wir, klonen, da ich sie überall, wo noch frei ist, bis sich was ändert, dort genauso aufrufbar ist. Wie sagen wir und dann, Die Haupt-Domain ist dennoch und

Thank you for your response. What I mean by unprofessional, is that if a user goes to and is redirected to it gives a bad impression in terms of security and design intention. Looks like I’ll need to go hackin’