Hooks when user change his password

I setup a hooks for post_user_update, and it works well, but It’s triggered only when an admin edit the user, not, for example, when a user change his password.

Any suggestion?

This is by design. SSOwat does not trigger this hook.
What is your use case ?

I guess it’s to synchronize password with an other db (like for the samba use case)

Yes, exactly! I have a dendrite server (matrix chat) on same host, with docker.
I want to synchronize the passwords.

Alternatively, is possibile to access the user password in ldap? It’s encrypted.
I tryed with user exports, but the password field is empty.

Ah… So one way I can think of now, is to patch your SSOwat yourself to trigger your script.
The downside is that you’ll have to patch it again when a new version comes up.

Ok, thanks i will take a look.

Otherwise, can i ask someone to indroduce new hooks, that is triggered after user action. What do you think?

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