HomeAssistant: ?easiest way to serve media for a noob

Hi all,

Yunohost running on an old PC, via web-portal or SSH but can access it directly with keyboard/monitor if needs must. The PC has a sound-card. Everything’s updated.

I’ve put homeassistant on it. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve found the media section in homeassistant :smile:

Problem: I can’t figure out the easiest way to get media onto it. I’m looking for the intellectually super-simple answer most likely to be understood by a noob (me!).

  • from what I can tell the YNH’s version of homeassistant doesn’t let me install add-ons (web guide to installing add-ons).
  • ?should I use $ sudo nano /home/yunohost.app/homeassistant/configuration.yaml to point the media folder (homeassistant guide on pointing homeassistant to the media folder) to a folder into which I can copy files over SSH
    • (I failed to SSH files into …/homeassistant/media/ because the scp command can’t be given sudo privileges on the computer one SSH’s into)
  • ?should I use miniDLNA as a media server and tell homeassistant to look for that (which I’ve tried but despite having an integration for DLNA, homeassistant can’t find the server).
  • ?should I copy files onto a USB drive, shove it in the server, and then point homeassistant to the USB drive as the media folder (what I’m trying as I write this)
  • ?is there a third way that I’m missing

As always, my thanks to ALL for their incredible support of this super capability. Your patience, your hard work, and your good-humour lights the path for me and so many others away from the snares of surveillance-capitalism. It is a constant reminder of our internal locus of control. Thank you.

Hopefully solved, although clumsily, and I’m still curious to know of a more elegant way (?SSH files into one’s user’s …/Media/share/ directory perhaps)…

  • had to install drivers for ntfs first
  • mount the drive
  • copy files to the the yunohost shared media folder
  • by the time this was done homeassistant could “see” miniDLNA
$ sudo apt install ntfs-3g
$ sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/ssdmedia
$ sudo cp -r /media/ssdmedia/ /home/yunohost.multimedia/share/Music

I shall have a play when (if!) I get some proper free time (have to fix the UPS first!) and see if it does what I want… I can’t obviously see how to get homeassistant to send music to the 3.5mm minijack audio-out of the server (PC).

Will report back here with outcome.

just a question, are you using home assistant for other purposes? or only for media?

you might want to look into Jellyfin if you only want media. Jellyfin has built in DLNA server and has TV, web ui, and phone apps.


@arkadi You’re very kind - yes, I’m planning on home assistant doing a great deal for me, but that said, it seems to have jellyfin integration too.

Do you think I ought to use jellyfin instead of miniDLNA? It’d be neat to stream home music to my mobile phone wherever I am!

I wish I could use nextcloud as a media server! Transferring files into nextcloud is WAY easier!!

  • I gave homeassistant my admin usr/pwd for nextcloud (was that a good idea?!) and it seems to work… although I’m a little wary about HA having admin rights on my NC server…
    • When I gave HA a user/pwd for NC, a dialogue box popped up saying
Created configuration for https://mysubdomain.mydomain.tld.

We found the following devices:

then a dropdown box for “Area” that just said “you don’t have any areas”.

It may be that I have to use the PulseAudio integration, &/or manually $ apt-get install mpd (MPD package info, program info), but I’m trying to do this as much as I can through the yunohost web-portal/application-store.

I will try to grok the implications of this as at present it makes no sense to me.

As far as what I’ve heard about HomeAssistant, it seems to be more useful if you have lots of IoT devices: sensors, security cameras, etc.

I am also a fan of compartmentalization. If you link your Jellyfin to Home Assistant, if Home Assistant has a problem, then you have a problem watching your movies.

I use Jellyfin and can watch my media on my smart TV, my android phone, web, and with Flatpak.

I used to use MiniDLNA but it didn’t play well with my Roku. Jellyfin is prettier. It downloads metadata and cover art.

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Do you have an impression of the comparative resource usage of MiniDLNA versus Jellyfin? I’m quite happy with MiniDLNA, but hearing how happy everyone is with Jellyfin I wonder if I should make the switch :slight_smile:

Is that thanks to Jellyfin, or thanks to UPnP/DLNA?

@splunko: sorry for hijacking your post! :blush:

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they have apps which makes browsing your media easier. MiniDLNA just gave me a file viewer view of files with a freeze frame of the media, and the filename.

Android app

iOS app

Samsung Tizen TV app

flatpak app

anyways, i don’t want to hijack this thread any further but it just seems that jellyfin might be a good for media, and can hook up with kodi, home assistant and other things.

jellyfin is using 990 MB of RAM at idle for me at the moment. It goes up to 2 GB when playing a movie.


@wbk please help yourself! I’m sorry I still haven’t worked through your very gracious reply to my nut problem yet!!

Thanks! Really I just want to play music from the headphone socket of my Yunohost PC, and control the music-playing from my telephone. Haha I thought it would be easy :blush:

It did appeal to me that homeassistant might one day play music when I arrive home, when it wakes me and opens the blinds, when the humidity goes up in the bathroom in the morning, when specific friends’ mobile-phones connect to the wifi network, etc, etc…