Home yunohost behind vps yunohost running wireguard

I have :

  • a netbook at home running yunohost with a dynamic ip
  • a vps running yunohost

I installed wireguard and adguard on the vps and wireguard-client on the netbook.
My home server “appears unreachable through HTTP from outside the local network.”
But strangely I can access it on lan, may be because of hairpinning, or may be I have changed the hosts file of every device at home.
Diagnosis complains every domain " appears unreachable through HTTP from outside the local network." and “A different SMTP mail server answers on IPv4. Your server will probably not be able to receive emails”.
Some apps connected to home server begin to complain about the certificates.

I don’t know how to make it work.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Hi jarod,

Could it be that ipmasquerading is only set up in one direction, allowing your netbook-YNH (wg-client) access outbound, but “the internet” not inbound via VPS-YNH (wg-server) ?

A while back a forum member was struggling with the same setup. I was not able to conclusively help out; pointing to rungeard’s post seemed to give the best chance of resolving the issue.

Edit: out of interest: what makes you not use DNS with your dynamic IP?

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It seems more complex because there is already a yunohost server on the vps so two yunohost servers can’t use the same ip and ports unless making a complicated setup (which is already complicated for me).
Thanks for taking the time to help me
About the dynamic ip, I have set up a ddns using ddclient which is working perfectly but I have to live without the email feature (that requires a fixed ip)

I read that part, but interpreted it as having the VPS-YNH as only there to provide the VPN.

So, you intend to have two separate fully functional YNH’s in this configuration?

An option would be to reserve a second IPv6 as VPN endpoint on VPS-YNH, and have the correct rDNS configured, or set the VPS as proxy server for mail on the home-YNH.

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