Home assistant - problem installation

Hello, I installed Yunohost on a raspberry pi 3b + everything works fine, I added Nextcloud which works great too but now I want to add Home Assistant on a sub domain
(because my main domain is taken by Nextcloud) but during the installation I got this message:
/ bin / bash: BASH_XTRACEFD: 7: cannot open as FILE. It is displayed 4x, and since the installation of the app runs in a loop.

Thank you for your help

You opened the same topic in 3 hours while not following the support topic template which is advertised at least three times on this forum : a) upon registration on the forum, b) in the forum banner, c) automatic prefilling when you create a topic in the support category.

We do NOT provide support if your post is missing obvious information such as the yunohost version, the hardware type, and if you do not share the installation log.