Home Assistant on Subdomain

As far as I read in the description, this app cannot be installed in a path. So it has to have this format eg:

homeassistant.domain.com Is this what you done with your case? If you have added for example your domain my.schoebi.com, then it should be homeassistant.my.schoebi.com . It it was schoebi.com then this would be your front page lets say of the app.


My bad, I was going out from a regular app :wink: @Schoebi the thing I said about the path was a human error. Please don’t slaughter me on it :wink:

Thanks HoldMyGin - I’ve been trying several things but don’t get it to work.
Just found out, that support Level for x86 is only three which could explain why I don’t get it worked.

Thats a pitty, red-node doesn’t have an Android front end, so Homeassistant would be worth a lot for a Yunohost Server.

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