Help with packaging SabNZBD

Hello wonderful people,

I have been using yunohost for about a year and i love it.

I now want to help contribute by packing some apps for other users.

I have started a SabNZBD repository (in fact three branches after facing difficulties with different issues)

The master branch and sabnzbdplus branch - the main issue was that rar and unrar are unavailable

With the docker branch, i have had something install but face a NGINX issue - error 500 internal service error plus an issue where there is no executable.

My logs are here: SabNZBD system log - Yunopaste

SabNZBD uses php and i don’t think i’ve got the config correct in config/nginx.conf

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

There is an example in this repo :

It seems that you already have a quite complete manifest.toml in your app (with a wrong version), you can add rar and unrar on this line :

And of course, rar and unrar are not available in Debian.
unrar can be replaced by unrar-free, and according to the SabNZBD forums, well, I have no idea, some says it’s OK, other that it is not.
But I find no question about rar, just about unrar, so this can be tested.

For Docker, I’m not a fan (even if I massively use it at work, but at work, we want to go fast, and I prefer the slow way of YunoHost, slow but secure :heart: ), so on my personal point of view : stick to the normal way of installing apps :slightly_smiling_face: