Help with config panel

I’ve successfully packaged, Kavita email and the application is working.

However I would like to add a config panel to the application to edit the json file when needed.

At the moment Kavita email doesn’t support unauthorised smtp and require a username and password. An issue have been raised with them but until then it be nice to edit at will.

You can find my package here, GitHub - skyuk3000/KavitaEmail_ynh

Please let me know what I’m doing wrong? The bind is see the configuration but won’t edit them.

Why not add this email integration to kavita_ynh package?

That cloud be done, don’t see why not except doing an upgrade with the email would break the email part if you can’t configure it during or after the upgrade (reason for config panel help)

Until they fix the unauthentication from localhost issue, I cant preconfigure the configuration file to be generic or it won’t work.

Also this was a learning exercise too, learn how to package.

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