Help, how can I save data with disk

Hi everyone,

I have got a problem with my server yunohost in a raspberry pi 4B. It crashed for any reason I know. After a reeboot it stop in a Kernel Panic error.
I can’t control it with SSh connexion or just a keyboard.
This server is very important. I used it for my work.
The last save is lot of month ago.

Do you know how can I restart my server with a new images and restore my datas ? Datas are already in disk where the server booted.

I would like restore nextcloud datas and etherpad text.

Best regards and excuse me for my aproximativ english.

Guillaume Leguen

Les données nextcloud sont dans
Le dossier multimédia /home/yunohost.multimedia
Si tu as activé le chiffrement pour les fichiers nextcloud ça va être dur de les déchiffrer.
N’oublie pas de te connecter en root.

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