Help for new app packaging : Galène (videoconferencing)


I would like to package Galène for Yunohost.
But, even if the manual installation seems to be easier that some others videoconferencing apps, it’s still out of my knowledge (how to setup a turn server, integrate it in Yunohost and so on).
Anyone here interested and willing to help ? :slight_smile:

App presentation

It’s a videoconferencing app mainly aimed at teaching with 1-to-many video and screen sharing, but also capable of many-to-many audio and video sharing (as other tools do).
It is said to be developed as a lighter alternative to BigBlueButton.

Current (main) features, according to their website:

  • audio / video / screensharing
  • text chat
  • whiteboard, multiple screensharing
  • subgroups
  • recording
  • mobile support
  • (local) audio or video playback

This app seems to be quite lightweight, and way more accessible to most Yunohost users (while BigBlueButton isn’t).

(French) short presentation:
Github repository:



Galène looks interesting indeed, especially about the lightness aspect.
It’s been a long time I would like to learn about packaging apps for yunohost. There are some apps I would like to package for it, but I didn’t find time and motivation so far to do it.

If you are motivated to work on packaging Galène, I’d be motivated to work with you, and learn together how to do it.
In general I have knowledge about server administration (even if very partial), so I can help on that, but it’s more the understanding of yunohost packaging (helpers and configurations…) that I lack and would be happy to get to learn.

If you’re interested in working on Galène together, tell me :wink:


Don’t hesitate in case you need help, there’s a app packaging chatroom and we can even schedule a small audio meeting to get you started with all the basic stuff you need to know


Well, @ericg did it again :joy: :rocket: :clap:


Currently the app doesn’t seem to be completely finished, there no TURN server implemented so everything seems to work well but streams (audio/video) transfers to the server.
Until it’s fixed, if you run a synapse server you can reuse its TURN server : No stream sharing ? · Issue #10 · YunoHost-Apps/galene_ynh · GitHub

Thanks for the packaging.
The first installation worked fine on my sandbox but I have errors for the update (0.2~ynh1 to 0.2~ynh3)
Here are the logs if that can help :

Hosted on a VPN
YunoHost 4.1.5 (stable)

Hello @adepetigny thanks for trying Galène package!
galene_ynh had a lot of code added with the addition of the TURN server so upgrading from 0.2~ynh1 to 0.2~ynh3 may not work. My advice is to delete the old version and replace it with the new one … This package is new and needs fine tuning. we are trying to find the right settings so that it works out of the box.