Help fix the hubzilla test

Hi all!

I am using the hubzilla app. The version of the application in the repository has stopped passing tests. Please help restore the updates!

Here is the test report for version 7.8.7 (Although 8.0 is already out)

Obviously you need to fix the parameter in the test run with
yunohost app install --force /app_folder -a "domain=sub.domain.tld&admin=package_checker&database=1&"
yunohost app install --force /app_folder -a "domain=sub.domain.tld&admin=package_checker&database=mysql&"

but I don’t know where the test code is and if I can do it myself

Yes that’s probably in hubzilla_ynh/check_process at testing · YunoHost-Apps/hubzilla_ynh · GitHub, feel free to make a PR :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I did PR a week ago and still nothing has happened. apparently package support is abandoned :disappointed:
The last activity with the repository was 2 months ago

The maintainer appeared and merged my fix :slightly_smiling_face: