Hello :-) greetings and question about nextcloud and pmwiki

I’m a long term Linux user (since 1996!), mostly openSUSE and now on my server yunohost.
I wanted to begin with a short message to thanks the community of his work!

Two small questions, now:

  • I just installed Nextcloud, all works OK. Do I understand well that I have to create an user in yunohost itself and it will be greated with a Nexcloud account? I used to create user in Nextcloud

  • I use PmWiki as my main wiki. I don’t see it in the application list. Sure I can install it manually, I often did, but is there a simple way to add it in the applications list? May I do it myself (and share)


If you create it in yunohost webadmin, the user will have a yunohost account, and will be able to login on nextcloud too.
If you create the account inside nextcloud, the user access only nextcloud.

You can install it manually with the “custom web app” creating for you a php-fpm/nginx/ftp/mariadb config.

If you want, you can start to create a package pmwiki_ynh.

See https://yunohost.org/#/packaging_apps_start and https://yunohost.org/#/contributordoc

thanks. no database for pmwik, flat install
I will study this
thanks again

Use of Nexcloud seems to be a bit complicated

  • first (may be only) problem: when some user logout, it’s redirected to yunohost login, not Nextcloud login. If he’s not a yunohost member, login fails. How to setup the config to have log out user redirected to nextcloud login?

  • second: at some moment when installing Nextcloud, I was asked to create a Nextcloud admin. The user I used was not yunohost member. Then I couldn’t log to this admin. I had to create a yunohost account of this name to recover.

  • third. May be only nextcloud problem. I wanted to change the admin for some more comprehensive login name. Created the account (Nextcloud only), set it as admin, but then I don’t see the other users (I wanted to remove the obsolete admin account). User list is empty.


Yeh, it’s possible to remove the yunohost patch or improve it to check if the user is a ldap user:

I don’t know how it is possible o_O . You have use command line to do it or the web admin ?
Could be a big unknown bug.

Are you sure this account is really set as admin ?