Has anyone managed to get Gitea actions working with yunohost?

I would like to use Gitea actions to build and deploy an 11ty site on push, something I do regularly on Github. I noticed that Gitea actions are enabled by default in the YNH Gitea config:


…which led me to believe that maybe actions were ready to go upon install, but it seems like you need to install and configure a runner first, which I have no idea how to do on YNH.

So my question is: has anyone else managed to get Gitea actions working with yunohost, and if so, how?

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Did you found out a way to make it work ?

I’m working on it, and as a begginner myself i can’t wrap my head around where to install this runner for it being accessible and able to modifiy my files (/var/www/my_webapp permissions to tinker if i want to auto publish my site i guess)

I’ll put a word here if i have a proper way to do so :slight_smile:

Edit : So far so good, following this guide i created a gitrunner user (given admin perms), installed from binary inside it’s home folder, registred sucessfully the runner on https://git.myserver.com thanks to the generated key and setted up my systemd service, all i need now is to test this out and i’ll get back to you


I haven’t had any luck, no. Thanks! I’m keen to hear how it goes!