Guacamole as an alternative to teamviewer

Hi, I don’t know if anyone has to be the official IT person of his / her family but I do. I’m used to play with teamviewer. It works pretty well and works on many platforms but it’s not open source, it’s a critical action and you have to trust the compagny and you have to ask a person to install the app (which can be a problem sometime).
I’ve discovered guacamole, a project hold in the apache foundation. I’m curious about it. It seems to work pretty well. At least with demo from companies that provide services based on guacamole.
I tried to figure out how I could install it on a local machine before considering bringing it to yunohost but I’m already facing problems.
Before I try something. Does this app interest someone ?
I pretty sure the journey will be long before I have something that work. If anyone has this app in mind ! It would be great !


Hello tebo
Do you test this application, i mean did you do a Proof Of Concept of this solution in real condition.
I’m interrested in this application but i think that the major problem for support of computers is on remote computer side.
You have to configure access from extern in order to take control on the remoted computer. That’s not a real problem when you are an it to launch your VNC or RDP client to access computer but the problem is on remoted computer.

I have same question,do we need to open ports at the remote computer end? Or the remote computer can talk on HTTP?

I think the real problem for every ones is the connection to the remoted computer.
Every time you need to use NAT on the remoted computer network. that’s a really shity (like shit) problem.
I would like to use an application to launch on my admin computer that is waiting connection from the computer to take control of.
The only think would be on the admin network side to NAT a port for my admin computer.
The controled computer only needs to know my public IP address to launch the connection.
I found a debian apps to do that but the application was left a long time ago this application was cool that was the same apps you only had to select during the lauch if you are the controller machine nothing more or the controlled machine and fill the ip or name(domain for example or machine name on the same network)
On the controller you only have to open the ports nothing else.
It worked very good until the developpement was left

In VNC when the server (controlled machine) initiates the connection to the client (controlling machine), it is called “reverse VNC”, “listening mode” or “connect mode”. TigerVNC supports this feature. According to the documentation Guacamole supports it too.

Did you consider putting a YUNOhost device into the LAN of your family and give yourself access to it via VPN? That would solve the connectivity problem and may be more secure than VNC over the public internet.

Hi, actually, I kind of misunderstood how guacamole works. I think I work out a scenario in my mind in which it would have been possible to just say to you’re contact "hi, just connect to this link with theses credentials and let me see why you’re wifi isn’t working :wink: .
Nevermind :]

I use tunneling sometimes to bypass the NAT.