[Grocy] ERP beyond your fridge

Hi all

today I found a awesome PHP based application called grocy

I tested it a little bit ony laptop and I would love to see it as an Yunohost application

If someone is able to and has the time here is the repository:


Hi !

I discovered it recently (thanks to F-Droid featuring the app) and i’d love to see that in my YunoHost ! :slight_smile:

I’m very interested too. It would be great if someone could package this app.

There is this package which only works on root or subdirectory…


Highly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Here is the status of the app so far.
installation only works on root and subdomain.
It seems possible to install it on sub-folder but I did not succeed (404 error)
So maybe someone with more expertise than I can take a look and take over to make this app fully functional.

New stable release for Grocy :tada:

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Very interested as well but it’s still root only. But thank you to everyone trying to bring this to light!

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New stable release for Grocy :tangerine: :lemon: :pineapple: :mango: :chocolate_bar: