[Gotify] post install and post update notifications

I have installed Gotify and would like to receive notifications after application install or update. And may be other interesting details. I’m not sure how to do it, any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I finally got it working and it’s impressive.
I wrote a guide how to make most hooks (I needed), essentially because sometimes I get the install or update page refreshed on phone, so I don’t know if the process finished, here it is :

If you have suggestions about improvements or other hooks, don’t hesitate.

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maybe you can add this do the package docs? ^w^

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Good idea. I have skipped some hooks, maybe I should add them all.
But I’m having an issue with “10. Get notified when a successful ssh connection is established”. It works and sends me “user, ip address and port”, but from time to time I get empty notifications for an ssh connection established like in this screenshot

I avoided editing ssh config.
And I don’t know how to fix it.

Edit :
The backup script is not working and surely the restore

i’m using ynh for like 5 years and i’m part of the dev team but i never touched hooks so i can’t help :")

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I will check it next weekend. I’m sure it’s something obvious.

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Note that it’s the first time I use hooks and I use yunohost for about 3 years. I find them to be very useful, maybe it should be added in the webadmin as a menu.
By the way, I understood why I was getting these multiple notifications, I have mounted my yunohost.multimedia on my laptop, so I get notified everytime it reconnects

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