Got a weird yaml file error


I updated docker through the admin panel and this was at the top of the page.

The yaml metadata file associated with logs is corrupted: ‘{md_file}’

I’ve seen it before but it went away after the last Yunohost update. Is it something I need to worry about or will it screw up a bunch of stuff.

I’m guessing its saying that a log is corrupt because it is a markdown file? Or does it mean something is missing a title?


J’ai le même souci : j’ai mis à jour à travers la webadmin (Gitea, seulement) et le message d’erreur :

Le fichier yaml de metadata associé aux logs est corrompu : '{md_file}'

J’ai regardé le dernier post sur ce sujet, lancé le script de @ljf en ligne de commande : pas de retour.
Je dois avouer que je n’ai rien compris à la PR proposée :slight_smile:


I have the same concern: I updated through the webadmin (Gitea, only) and the error message:

The metadata yaml file associated with the logs is corrupted:" {md_file}

I looked at the last post on this subject, launched the @ljf script from the command line: no return.
I must admit that I didn’t understand anything about the proposed PR :slight_smile:

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