Google Page Speed Mod for Nginx

Hi Everyone,
While playing around with wordpress optimizations, i came across a tool from google called Pagespeed Mod.
this is basically a set of modules which can be implemented in Nginx to speed up page loads and get better speed in google pagespeed insights.
This can have an accelerated growth for yunohost, if it makes it deliver more optimized content than competitiors. Also, this has benefit for customers, because a more optimised site ranks better on google search. However might we not like googles policies, it does control the power to redirect traffic based on its arbitrary understanding of whats good.
so what do you think? is it any good? Since this is open source, does this make sense to be packaged in ynh next version.

I would say that most people use Yunohost to get away from Google/Facebook etc.

I wouldn’t want Google anything anywhere near my Yunohost server.

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How does this work with the G site kit plugin? Any experiences?