Good forms app?


i was wondering if there is a nice and easy-to-use app to create forms in the catalog?

i found framaforms very clunky and quite inaccessible

im currently using the form app on nextcloud, but i would rather try something that doesn’t have to be installed on nextcloud.

I usually use Crytpad which also allows to create forms quite easily.

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limesurvey is a good one, but not that easy as cryptpad or nextcloud forms

I have starred this one on Github, but would require some work to be packaged for Yunohost !

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omg, can’t believe i’ve never tried doing them with cryptpad. thank you!

tbf, i tried installing limesurvey for polls and there was literally so much going on. :sweat_smile:
it’s the opposite of what i need, but thank you for pointing it out.

well, it looks promising. can’t wait to see it completed!

Well, if you are very interested you could try to package it ?
Or as a first tiny step, you can also add it to the apps whishlist :slight_smile:
I’m not sure I can find time to try do it myself

i could add it to the wishlist, but not sure i have the knowledge and skills to packaging it.