Glitch-Soc Critical Update overdue

I love Glitch-Soc; but the important update of a security issue, mentioned by Mastodon (already fixed also on Yunohost) is not fixed/ patched for glitchsoc.

Could someone please act on this: I would love to use my instance longer :wink:

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We are aware of the update and it’s importance.
There is a non trivial issue to fix before the package can be updated again (need to switch to yarn 4).
Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


I would like to grab this opp for thanking you all; unfortunately I am not able to help here.

I think the fix is close to complete in these two PRs.

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We are aware of the issue. Then either help to upgrade the package or don’t ask volunteers to do it “as quick as possible”.


yes, please don’t rush the volunteers, especially when we’ve already explained why above.

anyway the update is now available


Guess what, it’s also already on the workbench.
We have subscribed to new release notifications and the package has an auto-update mechanism.

Please stop generating more notifications and work to tell us that an update is available, especially after a short period of time (if nothing happens for weeks, then yes it can be reasonable to ask about what’s going on).