Gitea customization folder (gitignore, etc.)

I was trying to find out where and how to create a custom .gitignore template for my repos.
Looking around I found out it is here:


I had to manually create the folders options/gitignore.
Then within it place as many files you want, no extension, just the name of the template, for example:
and inside:

# Godot-specific ignores

# Mono-specific ignores

I hope this will be useful to someone else too.


Hi @Toshiwoz

Thanks for the tip. Is this specific to yunohost or to gitea ?

This is specific to Yunohost’s Gitea installation (at least the /opt/gitea/ part of the folder location).
If you install Gitea on a regular server, it will use different folders AFAIK.

Here is the general information: