Ghost: Error 404 on admin asssets & How to update to latest version

Yunohost version: (stable)
Ghost version: 3.19.2~ynh1
VPS: Debian 10 64 bits

I did a fresh install and everything ok at the public part. When I go to admin, I get an error 404 at the assets:


How do I fix this?


I have read on Ghost forum a similar problem (not on Yunohost) that she updated to the latest version of Ghost and everything was fixed. Right now, Ghost is at version 3.39.2

How do I update Ghost at my Yunohost installation?


Any ideas???

Anything I can do about it??

I uninstalled it completely and installed again in another folder.

Now is working OK the admin panel, though the version is still 3.19.

Thanks anyway for your silence! :slight_smile:

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