General question about performance on admin-panel


Hello all,

A general question about performance on admin-panel: when I start the diagnostics (or similar), “Mr. PacMan” runs from left to right for quite a while. While YunoHost is working like this, my CPU on my local workstation is at almost 100% load. What is the reason for this and can I do something about it? (Apart from buying a new computer :wink: ) Is it possible to send the load to the server? Or does that make no sense at all? Do any of you have some information for me?

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Hmyeah we were discussing this recently in webadmin - pacman consumes a lot of energy via graphic card on web browser · Issue #2247 · YunoHost/issues · GitHub , apparently it’s confirmed that the pacman gif is eating a stupid amount of resource, we should investigate why that is exactly …

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@Aleks Ok, thanks for the info. So I will wait, if there is down the road some good solution :slight_smile: Meanwhile I 'll try the ublock :wink: