Gender-inclusive german?


I am a former translator for freedombox (I translated into german language).
I was decried for using gender-inclusive language.
How is it here at Yunohost? Am I welcome to translate

  • simply using “german”?
  • or should be initiated a “new language”: “german gender-inclusive / deutsch
    gendergerecht” so people can choose and the outmoded stay relaxed? And how to do that?

Best wishes
c lul :sloth:


Hello ! Well, you are welcome to translate.

About inclusive Gender, for instance, as far as I know, Yunohost didn’t take any decision even for french. Many members of Yunohost team are against inclusive gender language (I’m against, so I’m partial), other are for.

Creating a new language is a bit strange as german is not still fully translated… Moreover, language of Yunohost is language of the system (not sure what it will choose if it finds 2 languages for german).

In fact gender-inclusive language is (or became) a bit political and ideological in France (from my point of view), but I don’t know what is gender-inclusiveness in german (if it is something common… or not). Will you or another person maintain this ?

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I am not sure, this is a common language in Germany and must also be an ideological issue…
I could help translating things into german if someone needs it.


Help is welcome. Documentation is still not translated into German (a big part). It may be useful for new users.


How doing it?


Documentation of Yunohost works like a wiki : you can either translate it frome the website, either doing it on Github :


Thanks for raising this request @clul. I was now searching on for this topic because I have seen something on the homepage. For example, the “dude, Y U NO Host?!” can be seen as only speaking to “dudes”. I would see such an effort to broaden the language used in the communication of this project as a path towards being more welcoming to others.


so true!
decentralizing and autonomy/anti-authoritarianism – for what yunohost stands – are essentially very feminist ideas.
a critical use of language could make this project very attractive to people in the technofeminist/cyberfeminist movement who would bring along very valuable knowledge.

same thing with “john @ doe . org” -> … what about
fulana @ alfulaniyya . org :wink:

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Ok cool! I sent you a message then. We should organise to do this :slight_smile:

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Even though I’m not speaking German, I’m feeling that we’re going to a way that could have consequences.

I you’re seriously considering using “inclusive” language, you should do it in a separate German locale, a kind of Inclusive German.
You may find people who want to have a inclusive language, but also other that won’t. To impose your view of the language to other is nothing like respectful or unifying.

So don’t consider that to impose inclusive language to everyone is very attractive or unifying. It will especially raise tensions and divide the community.