Gate One versus Shell In A Box

Gate One is no more in the offical apps list. But we have Shell In A Box. Why?
I was happy with Gate One. Are there troubles with it?
Do you advise to opt for Shell In A Box?
Thanks for your answers.

Hi @xof

I will make an announcement about this.
Basicaly GateOne wasn’t working very nicely, it is a very heavy python app with a lot of dependencies and difficult to upgrade.
Besides, it contains a lot of Google script calls which haave nothing to do with such a critical app on your server.

ShellInABox is a simple app that just does the job, packaged in Debian, though super easy to maintain.
The only sad thing about it is that the “/” key is not working on Firefox, which makes it unusable (for now) on Firefox.

Thanks @kload. Then, I switched to SIAB. Simpler is better.

:v: That is nice to get the motivation of this change !
Thank you to both of you.