Funkwhale - upload large files


I feel like my problem is really simple but I really don’t find a solution : everything works fine, but if I upload a file larger than 100MB then the upload fails. I tried editing the nginx conf (as suggested in an old issue on the project’s gitlab) and restarting the funkwhale service, but it did nothing and I still cannot upload files larger than 100MB.

Am I missing something obvious? It seems like this should be obvious but I really cannot find anything.

Did you restart the nginx service as well ?

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I did not actually, thanks for pointing that out. It works now!
I feel like it’s a bit weird for the limit to be so small by default and for this setting to be hidden in a conf file but anyway.
Thank you!

Actually, since there is in-place import, I do not need to increase the size upload limit : all my tracks are uploaded via Nextcloud and then I import them in Funkwhale :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks for the tip, i’ll look into it :smiley:

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