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Description of my issue

Ok so I’m a bit of a newbie.

But can anyone help me?

I’ve installed YOURLS onto my system which is working fine. I’d like to install some plug-ins and themes…

The directory is var/www/yourls

I ca get as far as www with my sftp client as admin but I get permission denied to any of the folders in www.

I’ve read up and I can use SCP, is there another way of getting permission to a folder in www?

Many thanks


With root
sudo su
Then fix ownership with chown

On my side, I would do something like this in 2 steps :

  1. Send the files on the server, in your user space (either with sftp, or directly downloading them from ssh)
  2. Connect as your user in ssh, or as admin (I prefer that admin can not connect in ssh, this would be a potential source of attack), then use sudo to move the files to the right place
  3. (because I said 2 steps) change the owner of the moved files to match the other files in the folder.

@Mamie great. Thanks for the step by step guide. Perfect for us idiots :smiley:. I will try this over the weekend.

Have a good weekend yourself.



Never say idiot. We’re all learning. A year and a half ago I didn’t even know that we could host apps and websites at home.
If you have time and patience you’ll improve fast. And don’t hesitate to ask.


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